Environmental Consulting Services Since 1967

Laicon's mission is to provide quality ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES by a staff of professionals sensitive to the needs of our clients!
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Laicon, Inc.
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Phase I Environmental Assessments (residential, commercial, industrial)
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (soil, groundwater, vapor)
Phase III Remediation Services:
Bioremediation / In-Situ Chemical Oxidation / Land Farming / In-Situ Soil Blending
Excavation & Disposal / Electrokinetic Groundwater Displacement / Air Sparging
Vapor Mitigation Services
Wastewater Management & Discharge Authorizations
Regulatory Support Services (permitting, audits, planning)
Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD) Sampling
Drinking Water Sampling
Asbestos & Lead Paint Surveys
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