Laicon personnel have performed residential, commercial and industrial Phase I site assessments nationwide for past and present environmental liability.
Laicon personnel have supervised UST and AST removals and closures at numerous sites, including the associated soil and water sampling and completion of reporting requirements.  Laicon personnel have successfully obtained No Further Remediation (NFR) letters for many sites enrolled with the IEPA LUST program.  Remedial approaches at LUST sites included the use of land farming and excavation of contaminated soil.
Laicon personnel have performed investigations and/or remedial activities at numerous dry cleaner sites.  Remedial activities have included the use of bioremediation, in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), in-situ soil blending and excavation.  Laicon has designed and supervised the installation of sub-slab depressurization (SSD) systems and sub-slab membrane barrier systems for vapor mitigation.  Laicon personnel have successfully remediated and obtained No Further Remediation (NFR) letters for many of the dry cleaner sites enrolled with the IEPA SRP.
Laicon personnel have conducted asbestos building surveys at both private industry and school buildings in Illinois.  Laicon personnel have also conducted project management, air quality testing and analyzed air samples during asbestos abatement projects at schools and private industry buildings in Illinois and Indiana.
Environmental Engineering Services Since 1967
Laicon's professionals have 100 years of combined experience since 1967.....
Laicon's expertise includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, design of wastewater pretreatment systems, underground storage tank studies and storage tank systems design, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, groundwater evaluations and soil remediation projects.
Laicon personnel have designed and installed wastewater treatment systems nationwide.  Laicon personnel have also designed and installed stormwater retention systems and stormwater sewer systems for commercial and industrial sites.
Laicon, Inc. 2017
Laicon personnel have utilized the following remedial methods:

• In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)
• In-Situ Soil Blending (Oxidation)
• In-situ Bioremediation
• Land farming & Excavation
• Electrokinetic Groundwater Displacement
• Thermal Remediation
• Air Sparging & Soil Vapor Extraction
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