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Laicon's mission is to provide quality environmental engineering and consulting services by a staff of professionals sensitive to the needs of our clients and the protection of our environment......
UST Investigations and Other Regulatory Services

As a result of 1984 Federal legislation regarding hazardous and solid wastes, owners of underground storage tanks have been required to monitor their UST systems to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.  Laicon's multi-disciplinary team of registered, professional engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists assist UST owners to achieve management capabilities by providing assessment and remediation services for sites with USTs or regulated chemicals, such as dry cleaners.

Tank failures or the release of regulated chemicals can be expensive, but early detection and response can minimize owners the exposure to costly site remediation cleanup.  

Laicon’s services include:

Soil borings and monitoring well installation

Confirmation soil and groundwater sampling

Leaking Underground Storage Tank/Site Remediation Program Reporting

Regulatory compliance and review

Tank selection and procurement assistance

Construction services

Tank system removal/abandonment/replacement plans and specification

Tank Management plan development, implementation and auditing

Secondary containment and leak detection design

Geophysical surveys

Waste disposal assistance

In-situ and/or on-site soil remediation (including landfarming)

Groundwater pump and treatment system design

Environmental permitting

Wastewater Services

Laicon provides a comprehensive range of services from regulatory sampling, initial surveys and analyses to engineering design and construction of treatment facilities through either turnkey installations or construction project management.  As regulatory discharge standards become more stringent, industry is faced with the dual concern of regulatory compliance and cost-effective solutions.

Laicon engineers and technical support staff understand the complexities of industrial wastewater treatment and cost effective approaches for remediation.  Laicon responds with the technical expertise to meet the challenge.

Laicon’s services include:

Regulatory Reporting:  filing of Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) regulatory sampling data

Management Consulting:  clarifying governmental regulations and ordinances that establish the criteria for acceptable waste discharges

Chemical Analysis:  surveying of plant facilities and analyzing process water and effluent

Feasibility Studies:  evaluation of existing waste treatment systems and recommending improvements/modifications where necessary;

Engineering Design:  developing detailed design drawings and specifications for waste treatment systems

Turnkey Installations:  provision of a single responsibility for design, construction, installation and start-up.

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